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为了让你感受到他们 (Bootcamp Malaysia) 的用心,更於参加项目的首日傍晚收到了由 OBC 负责人所发出的邮件,列明了所有参与者必需注意的事项并指示应遵守纪律,总言之要参加者把自己当成进入特种部队,而各 “长官” 更会以部队/ 操兵的方式狠狠操练你 ~ 问你死未Well, 期待明早的集会 ~

Dear Recruits,

Well done on your fitness assessment today
As explained to you during your assessment, the emphasis behind day one is to give your instructors an idea of your individual strengths and weaknesses and to give you a marking point as to how much you can achieve in your time with us.
You will be placed into a section on Thursday and be assigned an instructor for that section (Delta, Seals or Rangers). Pay particular attention to what they ask of you, as they will always be looking out for your best interests.
We put you through your assessment so that once you are placed into sections (10-16  person teams, selected according to your fitness assessment score) your section Leader can adapt the training to make sure that you achieve maximum results from your training.
Do not worry too much if you missed the assessment – you are one of a few people so you will be placed in a section and assessed along the way. We will move you up or down a section depending on your fitness level.
Before I go any further, I would like to reiterate the Rules & Regulations that you will need to know and abide by.
1. When any Instructor is speaking to the group, you will give them your full attention and do not speak. (Be aware, this is a pet hate).
2. When addressed by an Instructor you will always answer them with “HOOYAH Sarge/Sergeant”. Loud and Clear. We need to know that you have heard and understood what we have told you.
3. You must arrive early enough to be ready to commence training at 0700hrs. This means arriving BEFORE 0700hrs. This time is according to your instructors’ watch, so if you want to synchronize let us know. If you arrive more than 1 minute late, your platoon will be punished.
4. Going AWOL (Absent without leave). If you miss a session, and have not notified your instructor/s in advance, your section will be punished. If you do not attend just because it is cold or wet, the punishment will be doubled. As you may or may not know, a lot of planning goes into every session that we design so we need to know if you are attending so that we can make the necessary changes suit the numbers.
5. You are expected to attend ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP, 'Rain, Hail or Shine'.
6. As your Sergeant may have also mentioned – please do not wear any jewelry to BOOTCAMP (this includes watches, people have lost very large diamonds before!). If you need to leave early, tell you’re Instructor and they will let you know what the time is and will advise you when you need to leave so that you aren’t late. 
7. Please do not spit in the area in which we are training. Please respect that other people are training in the same area and may be asked to get onto the ground at any time, the last thing that they want, is to crawl around in what somebody else has just spat out.
8. You are to wear your ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP t-shirt to every session. Without fail. It must also be clean, if it isn’t, it will be washed – with you in it. Spare t-shirts are available to purchase for RM25. Let your lead instructor know if you require one and what size.
9. Your instructors are to be addressed by their BOOTCAMP fitness “Rank”. “Sarge” or “Sergeant”. Your instructors are not to be addressed by their given names at any stage during the session.
10. If at any stage during training you do not feel well or are hurt in any way, you need to inform your instructor immediately.
11. Try and make sure you drink at least 2 litres of water a day. That way, you will not dehydrate when you are training. On the days that we leave location, you will not want to carry a water bottle with you.
12. “Line of sight”. You must never run out of your Sergeants sight, unless instructed to do so. You will never be left behind and “walking back to base” is not an option. The sections leave location as a group and return as one.
13. Always stay to the left hand side - everybody else has right of way over us on the footpaths. People tend to walk either right in the middle of the path or wander to and fro across, always be polite, give them plenty of personal space and pass them without causing any disruption. Be especially aware of Dogs on and off leashes.
Some of you may be a little sore from the exercises that you did today, be aware…. This is completely normal and a great start to the month! What you are experiencing is DOMS (Delayed onset muscle soreness), in short, it's your muscles repairing themselves from microscopic tearing of the muscle fibers. It's not a bad thing, and should only last 2-3 days at the most. The best way to lessen the ache is to get moving (It's always worse first thing in the morning because you have been lying still all night), Go for a jog, go to a cycle class or go for a brisk walk. Do not miss Thursday’s session because you are sore. The session will help that feeling to go away a lot faster.
These rules above will be applied to all without bias or favor. On Thursday morning we will be meeting in the same area as today. Again, make sure you are there on time.
Be sure to bring a water bottle with you. You should bring water or a drink to all your sessions.
If you have belongings, we will lock them away for you when we leave location.
Make sure you drink plenty of water between now and Thursday’s session. We look forward to seeing you all on Thursday morning. Here's to a great month!
Selva Kumar


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