Original Bootcamp Malaysia

新 的一年开始了,为了能於今年内达成理想的体重与拥有更健康的体魄,除了定期的瑜珈班,我还报名了 Original Boot Camp (OBC) 课程。收费绝对不便宜,但有异於其他的 fitness 课程/ 配套:拥有室内冷气/ 健身器材与设备/ 更衣室/ 时间自由,无使用限制 ...

相 比之下, OBC 的课程并不太吸引,仅一星期三天制 (一、三、五或二、四、六) 分别只有两个室外地点供选择 (Let's get some fresh air, babe),仅限於早晨时段 (05:45 ~ 06:45 与 07:00 ~ 08:00)。另外便是离我家最近的活动场地也有点远,报到的时间还好,毕竟清晨往来车辆少,但散场后恰巧碰上上班的高峰时段,难免要塞上一段时间才能抵 家。不过好在,你可以在能出席整个课程的该月报名与付款,无需一次签一、两年约,不会感觉被绑死。每次进行项目都会分组,每组以两人配对; 期间,每组的组员得各自/ 互相监督并激励成员完成所有项目。更会有所谓的长官/ 管理人为所进行的各个项目计时并予以记录。

详情,欢迎登入 www.bootcamp.com.my


参 于的第一天,我个人认为这项活动除了有趣亦蛮有意义的,不仅仅是运动量增加了 (毕竟与瑜珈的活动量不同),而是所有在场的陌生人都会相互鞭策与激励彼此/ 组员以完成设定的目标,而你亦会努力、竭尽所能地去达成,感觉 motivated 与 positive 的气氛,想必会是每个人都渴望追求的。这与你每个月缴费到健身房吹冷气,
花钱请私人教练,或自顾自地使用健身器材,累了便停下来偷懒 ~ 喝茶、聊天、听八卦、看电视节目 ... 甚至是眼睛吃冰淇淋,打发时间 ... 种种的种种,相比起来 ... OBC 虽然辛苦,附带全身肌肉酸痛 (经典的花钱买难受)但感觉更有意义。

总之 ~ 新的一年,我们都要为了达成各自的理想与目标而努力!

以下是 “入学” 通知书 ~

Dear Joyce Chuo,
We would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to “ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP”.
You are currently enlisted in the Petaling Jaya Bravo program commencing on Tuesday 5th January 2010.
The meeting point for Original Bootcamp is at Padang Astaka just off the Federal Highway, opposite Amcorp Mall. If you need further directions, please just call us on 01-BOOTCAMP (012 668 2267) or click here to view a map. We can lock up your belongings during the session.
You will be required to meet your Instructors and fellow ‘Recruits’ at 0650 hours to finalise any admin requirements prior to roll call at 0700 hours. If you have any problems or need directions, please call your instructor on 01-BOOTCAMP (012 668 2267).
You will be required to bring the following items with you:
•       Water bottle
•       A warm hoodie, fleecy jumper or spare t-shirt to put on before and after your training.
And should make sure you are wearing:
•       Comfortable running shoes (no basketball boots, skater shoes, or similar)
•       Running shorts, workout shorts, leggings or light tracksuit pants.
•       A t-shirt or singlet that won't chafe under your arms when you run.
Instructor Contact details
If you are unable to attend a session please email us or txt your instructor on the following numbers:

Sgt Simran - 012-668-2267       
If you have not yet made your payment online, please contact head office and you will be advised of what needs to be done. All payments need to be made prior to the commencement of the program, unless otherwise organized with head office.

Banks details for transfers are as follows.
Maybank Account Number : 114302137220
Account Name: Selvakumar A/L Vijayakumar

Please Use your initial and Surname as the Description to show on our accounts. If you are making a bank transfer you will need to email info@bootcamp.com.my with the Transfer receipt number.
Once introductions, the explanation of rules and regulations, and the morning's roll call are completed, we will commence the initial fitness assessment.
Pre-training Assessment
The assessment has two major goals, to advise your Instructors as to your current fitness levels so that they can place you in a team that will challenge you, without asking you to do more than you are physically able, and to give you a reference point so that you can see just how much you have improved over the 4 weeks.

Upon the completion of the assessment we will give you your first taste of ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP.
Preparing For Day One
To prepare for your first session, we suggest that you drink plenty of water the day before to hydrate yourself properly. It is too late to start drinking it on the day of bootcamp. Be careful not to eat too much right before the session. One or two pieces of toast or bread would be appropriate.

It is important to remember that ORIGINAL BOOTCAMP is not about yelling and hundreds of push ups. It has been scientifically designed to motivate individuals to challenge themselves physically, mentally and emotionally, with the sole objective of achieving their health & fitness goals.
Please advise your instructor prior to every session if there is anything that they need to know upfront (asthma, getting over a cold, sore muscle, bad knees any injuries or illness)
Your Instructors look forward to meeting you on your assessment day, and are extremely committed to driving you to achieve your goals.


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