Peeping Tom in The Peak Trail's toilet

Hi, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you what I have experienced at the Old Peak Trail(舊山頂道), Hong Kong on Sept 26, 2012 (estimated 4:45pm) and you can read the Chinese with all sort of blahs version here:

I made a rather impromptu and rash decision by taking the trail up The Peak on the mentioned date. Honestly speaking, it is quite normal to feel a little "anxious" when you are walking alone in out-of-the-way area like the Old Peak Trail in Hong Kong. But upon seeing quite a number of locals along the way taking their evening walk, exercise and even walking their dogs, I actually felt a lot more at ease. I was enjoying my own happy little stroll, at this time I'm still unaware of the "surprise" that awaits me... About 15 minutes into the walk upwards from the old peak trail, I needed to "relieve myself", I was just wondering if there was any washroom facilities in this remote area, I was delighted to come across a "luxurious" toilet (as picture below).
As I was zipping my pants after finished my "business", I noticed someone entering the next cubicle (he/she kept silent but I noticed the shadow moving on the floor). As I knew I was alone in the washroom, I kept alert of the surroundings. I noticed that this person did not close the cubicle door after entering, so my intuition brought me to lift my head and look upwards -- in a split-second I saw this guy's half-stretched head on the partition trying to peep over! As he realised he had been "exposed", he ran for the door and escaped before I could push open the cubicle door to stop him. I thought to myself: "Gosh, how could someone disappear so fast?" I did suspect he was probably hiding on the side -- the gents', but I wasn't brave enough to check, what if he has an accomplice? After waiting about 5 minutes outside the public toilet, did not see anyone pass-by and did not want to stay any longer, so I left the place thinking to make a report to the Management after reaching The Peak.

Looking back at the situation, I must be MAD at that time... Logically people would head back for the main road or crowded areas to reach safety, but instead I actually chose to go uphill! I had no idea how long it was going to take to reach the top, and I had no idea whether there might be any other dangers waiting for me -- for example, the peeping tom could have followed me all the way and I would not even have recognized him as I did not had a good look at him at the first place! And the real motives of the guy was not known: was he trying to peep or to rob or ...? I actually had all my travelling documents with me that day, can't imagine what would happen if I got robbed on the way uphill, let alone physical attacks... What was I thinking!! Was I just naive or silly??!! Anyway, I would like to share this experience with all of you and kindly be advised, girls AND boys, to travel in a group whenever possible, this is really important to look out for each other and to prevent any unfortunate incidents from happening to you and the people you care about.

By the way, I made a few stops to enjoy the scenery on the way to the Peak (SIAO, I know)... 

Arriving later than expected, then rushed back down as soon as I reached the top; therefore I didn't manage to look for the Security/ Management office to make a report. Better late than never, I will be making the relevant reports and share out this incident. I was very lucky not to have suffered any injury or loss as a result, but I feel that I will not be keeping silent. "Peeping Tom" issue aside, the old peak trail is nevertheless a great place for taking a walk while enjoying the stunning views, it is perfect for adults and children alike, I would highly recommend it to anyone visiting Hong Kong. By alerting the relevant parties, I hope the departments concerned will look into this and take proactive measures to strengthen security at the old peak trail, I really do not wish to see any unfortunate mishaps which could have been prevented.

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